Oil is the source of 59.09% of the energy consumed by commercial businesses and public institutions such as hospitals and schools in British Columbia, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and NunavutMost of the oil is used for vehicles and marine vessels. Nearly all automobiles, buses, planes, trains and boats run on gasoline or diesel, which are made from oil.  Oil is also used to fuel some auxiliary motors and equipment, furnaces and hot water tanks.
In 2010, this sector
consumed 162,915,000 GJ of oil and
emitted 15,390,910 GHG tonnes.
To learn how oil flows from the ground to the fuel tank in a delivery truck or school bus, click on the blue icons above....
'Delivery on demand' may be convenient, but it means lots more trucks on the road.  And that's on top of our normal purchases. Virtually everything we buy -- from food to clothes to smart phones -- has been trucked into a distribution centre near you, then onto a smaller truck for delivery to your local store, home or workplace.  Add all these factors together, and it's no surprise that the commercial / institutional sector consumes so much oil.