Crude oil is transported in bulk across oceans by ship and over great distances of land by pipeline. Canada has about 37,000 km of transmission pipelines that carry crude oil and refined petroleum products.
Pipelines come in all sizes. The smallest is 5 cm and is used to gather oil from individual wells. There it joins a network of bigger and bigger pipelines. The biggest, made of steel, is 120 cm in diameter.  The larger pipelines are designed for ultra-long distance transmission.
We export 68.41% of our oil to the United States. Many of our pipelines therefore go all the way to California and Texas. Read more
Some crude oil is also transported by rail.  Rail traffic is increasing due to pipeline constraints.
Click here to see a map of Canadian owned pipelines in North America (click on 'liquids' to see the oil pipelines)
In 2010, pipelines consumed 0 GJ and emitted 0 GHGs.