In Manitoba, natural gas is used to heat 84.93% of all commercial and institutional buildings. Some use hot water heating, and the water is heated by natural gas. Electricity, used for both heating and cooling purposes, is the source of another 13.90% of energy
In 2010, space heating and cooling in this sector
consumed 21,066,260 GJ and
emitted 1,080,978 GHG tonnes.
To learn how natural gas flows from the wellhead to the pilot light in an office building or hospital, click on the orange icons above....
There's nothing more refreshing than a cool office on a hot day, or as comforting as a warm building on a cold day.

However, cooling and heating use energy and that means GHG emissions.  Other options are available to Manitobans.  The government offers financial incentives to individuals, businesses and communities to instal geothermal heating systems.